About us

AVIASERVICE LLC is Georgian travel airline company which flies in the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world – in Georgia.

Aviaservice`s commitment is to offer its passengers the best possible service in every respect.

Aviaservice is performing faster, better and cheaper service.

Aviaservice is experienced in various tasks such are: risqué service and emergency missions, wildfires,  international and state missions. Also, Aviaservice is providing flight and technical maintenance services for various types of helicopters as well as flight operator services for helicopter owners from around the world.

Aviaservice maintains high quality through constant training and retraining of flight and technical stuff, improving there knowledge and skills.

Since 2004 AVIASERVICE LLC is a specialist in the provision of  Executive Helicopter Travel solutions worldwide. We give you access to an unlimited range of corporate helicopters starting from light, to medium as well as heavy Helicopters. From senior management of multinationals, to VIP`s celebrities and government officials, all customers of Aviaservice benefit from our superior customer service, attention to detail and top quality experience.

Main Priorities

  • Safety – taking personal responsibility for the safety of each traveler and every Crew Member.

  • Courtesy – showing respect and providing caring customer service to travelers and Crew Members.

  • Teamwork – supporting one another and valuing our diverse contributions to meet every traveler`s needs.


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