Aviation Services

Charter Services

The airline fleet, flight crew and technical staff provide opportunity to safely and comfortably operate charter flights both on the territory of Georgia and abroad.

Construction Works

Working with a helicopter Sling Load is popular in the construction industry. Helicopters can move objects that are somewhat complicated or impossible to move by other means. Helicopters can move a wide range of items such as: building materials (wood, concrete, steel, and brick), HVAC equipment, septic tanks, poles and many others. Helicopter work saves time and money, and with the Aviaservice flight crew and aircraft capabilities, enables work to be accomplished quickly and safely.

Heli-Skiing and Sky Diving

Aviaservice LLC has been carrying out operations of Heli-skiing in different regions of Georgia for many years. Popular destinations among tourists are mountainous regions of Stepantsminda, Svaneti and Bakhmaro. Aviaservice LLC offers a full range of services to interested parties, including transportation, hotel, guide and other necessary services.

The company offers parachute enthusiasts to perform Sky Diving operations at any desired place in Georgia.

Aerial Photography

Aviaservice aircrafts can be equipped with the appropriate equipment and be used in geodetic works, as well as amateur and professional photographers have the opportunity to take aerial photos of landscapes and historical monuments.

Search and Rescue

“Aviaservice” has been searching and rescuing for years in the difficult destinations in Georgia. The high professionalism of the flight crews saved the lives of many tourists or people affected by natural disasters. The airline continues to carry out these responsible activities, necessary for the country and peoples life.

Wet Leasing

Aviaservice offers contracting services to interested parties with flight crews and technical staff both in Georgia and abroad. The company has experience in these activities for years and is focused on earning new partners across the world.

Maintenance and Logistic Assistance

Aviaservice technical base and staff qualification ability allows the airline to service both Eurocopter and MIL family helicopters. The company also has extensive logistics contacts, which allows any type of aviation products to be delivered anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Ferry Flight Assistance

The airline successfully and safely organizes the Ferry Flight/Overflight operations of its own fleet, as well as helicopters of other helicopter companies in several regions of the world. Aviaservice, together with its partner handling companies, has provided numerous overflight operations in particularly difficult regions of the world, such as Africa, the Middle East, Central and East Asia.