Main base "Lilo"

Main base “Lilo” – in 2021 “Aviaservice” completed and put into operation a new heliport near Tbilisi, 22 kilometers east from the city center and 6 kilometers north from the Tbilisi International Airport. The base is a complex of offices, helicopter hangar and helipads and fully meets modern standards. It can take light and medium, as well as large cargo and passenger helicopters.

Stepantsminda / Kazbegi

“Stepantsminda / Kazbegi” – Aviaservice operates a small heliport near the village Achkhot, 5 km south from Stepantsminda, from which recreational flights for tourists are conducted, additionally Heli-skiing operations during the winter season.


Based on the flight and technical performance of the helicopters, Aviaservice can conduct flights in the territory of Georgia and abroad, in any direction and any hard-to-reach place. The experience and qualifications of the flight crews enable the airline to
carry out all operations in the aviation industry.